plush- n, thick yet soft. comfortable, luxurious and of high quality.
e.g. You hear about that femme art collective? I hear they’ve got some plush thoughts. 

Plush is a safe cyberspace for female/femme-identifying artists and writers to share their “bedroom art.” Bedroom art is a genre/term we created to describe the type of art that is very intimate and personal and does not leave your bedroom- it is the kind of art that one makes for oneself and Plush serves as a comfortable, supportive network and space to do so. This space serves as a comfortable, safe, cozy place for femmes to express their thoughts and feelings. We do not allow bullying of any sorts and enforce trigger warnings. 

A few months ago, we announced a rebrand of Pink Taco. After careful and considerate deliberation, we have found a new name that encompasses the same feminine qualities we’ve held dear to our heart and represents our pre-existing mission to create a safe space for femme-identifying artists to share and support one another. it was never once our intention to be exclusionary to members of our community and we understand how our previous name, Pink Taco, conflicted with the space we created. we thank all those who expressed their concerns to us in complete respect and those who suggested a myriad of names to us in the past months (yes, even you, guy who slipped “suck a dick” into the suggestion box). 

since our conception, we have valued the intimacy of sharing “bedroom art” and how it creates a sense of comfort and confidence. this is what makes our space cozy and the community strong. this is what makes us Plush. 

thank you for being patient with us during our rebrand and we apologize if Pink Taco ever made you feel uncomfortable and misrepresented in any way. we will continue to grow our platform, Plush 4 Ever, and we hope you are just as excited for the future as we are. 


The Mamas 

Michelle Krigsfeld  I'm a very mellow Scorpio who roasted her childhood away in Miami, Florida. I bear a striking resemblance to a *young* Hillary Clinton but my personality is that of a jewish abuelita. I am incredibly passionate about cults/exploitative religions, eating really unhealthy food, shopping on amazon prime, dissecting tinder, and boogieing till dawn. Pink Taco is my first baby and I am so blessed to share it with so many lovely people.

Liza Wagner I’m a Filipina Winter solstice baby from the Northwest aka a Sag-Cap cusp with a Sagittarius moon and a penchant for coffee. I like writing poetry, making movies, and grooving to hip hop in 90s nostalgia garb. Pink Taco has been a plush and silky portal to talented women doing beautiful things & I’m so excited to see where it takes us all.

Stephany Christie  I'm a Taurus/Scorpio rising (trust me, I know) Londonderry, NH native that just wants to take your pic! I'm also the #1 face of daddy issues, the loudest burper you'll ever meet, and probably will reference Bonnaroo at one point in any given conversation (sorry ahead of time). My favorite stone is Lapis Lazulis! xoxo

Lauren Hewer  I’m a mostly chill Gemini from Asheville, the mostly chill part of NC. I’m into music and poetry and femme expression! I also love nickelback and long walks on the beach.

Emily Kramer WHAT’S UP?!?! I’m a Los Angeles native and nothing gets me going like a good film, a farmers market, or some 60s rock. I go through a container of hummus a day and eat more dried fruit than is probably healthy for me. As a true scorpio, I tend to be INTENSE and super passionate. Film is my greatest passion, which is why I am so excited to be part of Pink Taco’s film collective.

Stephanie Ibarra  I'm a Virgo with soft skin and a soft soul who adores George (Harrison). My passions include filmmaking and comedy, both of which I love to see done by strong, beautiful, femmes! Also, dogs. Not a coincidence that Dog spelled backwards is God.

Jessica Vosler i’m an aries that is almost drowning in my own passion, and being a part of pink taco is my first step in attempting to direct that passion into positivity and love. i’m from the good part of new jersey and think wet socks are just the devil trying to kill your mood.

Anna Torzullo I’m an auburn Leo who likes to laugh and drink wine. I’m always on Island time as I hail from the great Long Island, New York. I like to write comedy and create roles for funny women that don’t get the chance often enough! Most importantly, my recorder playing will tickle you with good vibes and warmth.

Mae Rose Pendergast I'm a strawberry loving Gemini who grew up in Santa Barbara, Ca. My favorite beverage is lemonade and I'll gladly calculate your birth chart. Queer representation, Super Freak by Rick James, and turtlenecks are a few of my favorite things.

Layla Kornota A chaotic cancer queening from Chicago. Hard shelled and sensitive, I am ruled only by the moon. As an aspiring documentarian, I have a passion for exploration and empathy. The only fluids in my veins are black coffee, red wine and watercolor. I love cheese but can't eat it and on my mind all the time are flawless femmes fatales. Let's kick it.

Annie Armstrong I'm a Taurus who doesn't believe in astrology. Instead I identify as a huge fan of Weezer, a cheeky and passionate writer, and perpetually over-caffeinated.

Kala Slade hey baddies, it's ur fave boujie bitch hailing from connecticut. being an aquarius sun and moon (yeah run while u can) I'm equal parts ready to fight anyone at any time and also the most loving and accepting person u will meet. my faves include but are not limited to politics, cats, mac n cheese, birth charts & infiltrating every possible male dominated space

Danika Frank I'm a classic Sagittarius from New York City with wild mood swings, a psychedelic punk rock aesthetic, and a head full of conspiracy theories. Will give you tarot card readings and back rubs in exchange for friendship.

Yasmina Hilal Im a crybaby Capricorn from Beirut Lebanon! Im very much into experimental film, photography and cinematography. Everything coffee & chocolate makes me oh so happy:-) 


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