Before She Licked Her Fingers

Before She Licked Her Fingers

Each and every afternoon, the barefooted woman comes

to the wall somewhere in between the kitchen

and the living. From a palm birthed from Japanese silk,

Mother, Wife, Aphrodite presses down on the feet of her children --

three halos for five sons. Every family is an ink print


with only two pieces of yellowed duct tape for support. Flat.

He brought her back a knockoff from Kyoto and she thought

it was authentic. There are lines and there are more lines

when she and him wished for circles (spheres?) She is the guardian

without a messiah, naked and unable, declaring statelessness. Could she be

Italian, with olive skin and olive oil in the cupboards? Or is she simply

American, a cinnamon and rosemary blend? 


She gave birth five times on the velvet couch that summer,

throwing it all away for the garbage men to dispose of.

He painted a picture and she put it on the wall. 



Faces of Hempfest

Faces of Hempfest