Late Night Special

Seven Jameson and gingers. Couple of shots of fireball. Half a joint. Next thing you know we're making out at the closing bar. Unwilling to part ways and two tall boys from the gas station later, we're headed to his house. Awaiting a night of momentary pleasure and most likely permanent panty loss, I keep my hand firmly around the can. I remember that first time walking into his room. Woah. Where am I? I'm left alone in his bedroom for a moment to take in what I can. Some psychedelic thrift store artwork. A signed Dr. Dre poster. So much art. Patterns. Some minimal house playing in the background. Whoever this kid was, he knew how to set a vibe. "Never go home with a guy from a bar. He's just going to think you're a slut." I've heard all this advice countless times, but hey, this isn't one of those cautionary tales about the stigmatized one night stand. On the contrary, I'm a firm believer in doing whatever the fuck you want. Because hey, we got urges too and for some reason that night this guy made me feel reckless, spontaneous, alive, and I wasn't about to give that up just yet. Theres always those friends disparaging one night stands, or better yet encouraging you to go for it but to never fall for him. Well, one things for sure- I didn't fall in love with my one night stand. I fell in love with the guy who asked me to lunch that day, who took me out and showed me off to all his friends, who was interested in learning every detail about my goals and passions, and who wanted to be there for it all.
See here's the beauty in the one night stand that often goes overlooked. There are no games, no inhibitions, just two vulnerable people open to exploration. You're letting in a complete stranger into your world for the night without the worry of a delayed text or unmet expectations. Everything is open and honest because no ones thinking it will last. Maybe it's really intimate, or maybe it's just casual sex. Whatever it is, it's a real honest human connection.
Never would I have thought that I would end up here, falling for that guy from that drunken night at the bar. But I'm thankful for my one night stand for letting me explore and connect with someone without all the outside pressure and stupid plot lines we tend to create for ourselves.
But take it from me, you got someone out there for you, and maybe he already spent the night.

Words, NonfictionAlexis Winer