Self Love

Remember that the most important relationship in your life is your relationship with yourself.

Think of your body as a thing of wonder. Your feet connect you to the earth. Your legs help you run, leap and stand tall. Your arms help you reach, push, pull and hug. Your stomach can hold life and rumbles out deep belly laughs. Your cheeks help you smile. Your lips help you kiss. Your eyes help you see our beautiful world. Your body is a thing of wonder.

Remember that you, just the way you are, are enough for the world. You are enough. Now you have to let yourself be enough for you.

You have to teach yourself to love yourself and it’s not easy. It is so acceptable and even expected to be at war with yourself in the world today. We have been taught since exiting the womb to look at ourselves in the mirror and to not be appreciative of the beings that we are. But you can learn. Teach your mind to be at peace with your body and your soul.

Give yourself time. As I have said, it is hard to love yourself, especially after being at war with yourself. It is hard to think of yourself as a thing of beauty and utter imperfect perfection. It takes time. Give yourself time to heal. Give yourself time to grow. Give yourself time to love.

Find the love. It is there. It has always been there. We are born with love for ourselves but somehow, overtime, we lose it. The love is there and it is waiting for you. Find it.

You are a piece of art. Run your hands over the one of a kind creation that you are. Touch every scar, every mark, every line, every dot and love them. Run your hands over your breasts and love them. Down your curve of your sides and to your hips and love them. Hold your stomach and thank it for staying full of the nutrients that gives you life and love it. Feel your legs, the curve of your thighs, the power in your calves and love them. Be in awe, be in wonder, be amazed by who you are.