The Whole Damn World's Got Commitment Issues

The Whole Damn World's Got Commitment Issues

Help, I've fallen in love

with the World and I'm afraid

She doesn't like like me like 

I like like Her.

We had a one night stand one night 

a thousand years or so ago and the World

said She would call me the next day

but She stopped answering my texts

and suddenly switched the seasons

on me from a gentle loving autumn 

to an early invading winter.

I'm sorry, I think that blizzard

last year was punishment for me

for being too clingy. See,

I embraced the World with 

an open heart ready to take on 

the sins and sorrows and secrets of humanity.

I wanted to be filled with everything:

the soft breeze that sways 

a blade of grass on the Scottish 

countryside in the sixteenth century,

the quiet song sung by a sweet slave of 

an ancient Egyptian princess,

the unseen storm of tears spilled

in a child's bedroom 

seven hundred years ago in Mongolia

six months ago in Myanmar

yesterday in Montana.

I thought the World would open Her core

and share Her vast histories or at least

confirm some of my conspiracy theories,

letting Her lives seep into my soul

like molten lava oozing from the earth.

I would dive into the hearts of any passerby 

on the street and look into their 

eyes and say, “I know you,

I'm intimately involved with the World

and let's just say She told me about

that semester abroad you did in Prague.”

But the World has shut me out

and blocked me on most social media

and won't even accept my LinkedIn connection

or answer my drunken six am “Hi I miss you

please acknowledge my existence” text.

The sky is the color of asphyxiated faces

and the wind is breaking my bones and beating

my skin raw. Strangers’ gazes on the street

are the coldest chill of all.

The World took me in, but saw the desperation

carved into my mind, and decided She

just wasn't ready for the commitment,

rejected me by leaving me by closing me

off from Her most beautiful gift to us,

the warmth of one human

reaching out to another.

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