To My Friends Who Never Ask

To My Friends Who Never Ask

I don’t talk about myself much

I think that might be because I’m a friendly Midwesterner

I think that might be because I’m a woman

I think that might be because I don’t like when people talk about themselves a lot

I think I’ll try it


I probably don’t brush my teeth for long enough

I have been to 10 countries and 20 states

I hit puberty late

I can quote The Office like nobody’s business

I am more attracted to Nathan Fielder than Zac Efron


I am a good listener

I am a good friend

I don’t think about what I’m going to say next when you’re talking

I am naïve sometimes

I haven’t cried in months


I love being from a big family

I didn’t care about clothes until I was a junior in high school

I try to watch every Chicago Bears game

I got asked to prom via text

I am always on time


I feel like my college friends don’t know me sometimes

I feel like that’s not my fault

I think my home friends know me because they are not narcissists

I didn’t even know what narcissism was until I got to college

I think that’s sad


I can make the perfect water balloon

I am not a foodie

I have a hard time hiding it when I don’t like someone

I lost a spelling bee on the word “appetite”

I lost my virginity to the song Naughty Girl by Beyonce


I don’t like acknowledging my feelings

I lied about not crying in months

I love my boyfriend so much

I sometimes feel like people don’t get us

I don’t care


I went to an Aaron Carter concert when I was seven

I think Chicago is the best city in America

I am biased

I have dreams that I’m pregnant all the time

I only run to EDM and am embarrassed by that


I don’t think what you said was funny but I’ll laugh because I’m nice

I think college has begun to turn me into a narcissist

I hate that

I try to fight it every day

I lied about not caring that people don’t get us


I ran a seven-minute mile in high school

I am a trained receptionist

I accidentally stood up a date once

I have never tasted coffee

I never want to


I want my friends to know who I am

I don’t want to force this on them

I want them to realize on their own that I don’t have a hard exterior

I will tell them anything about me

I am just waiting for them to ask


I ask about you because I care

You only ask because I asked


And a lot of the time, you don’t even do that. 



Oversharing is Caring

Oversharing is Caring