Girls will be Girls

Girls will be Girls


You do not control me,

I will be who I want to be,

I am my own voice.


My clothes, my hair,

Youre not worth it if you care,

I make my own choice.


Im not your sister, your cousin, your mother,

Why is my individuality based off my brother?

I am my own silence.


Walk with a pace,

Make sure you hide your body and face,

I will not stand for violence.


The ads show my peers,

But do not shed light on the tears,

My suffering is mental.


Be Skinny, and be tall,

But submissive most of all,

Societys hinting is gentle.


Female persona is undermined,

But Males are important and kind,

I am above inequality.


If I hook up Im labeled dirt,

But if I dont then Im pervert,

I decide my worth and quality.


My daughters and my kin,

I will protect from this sin,

I will fight for my cause.


Please think about your actions,

And your civil attractions,

Women deserve the applause.

the stranger that is my best friend

the stranger that is my best friend

Rethinking the Rebound

Rethinking the Rebound