Ironic Ignorance

Ironic Ignorance

If Only We Knew

That the Earth would not last,

That the gardens would die

And the trees would all pass.


If only we knew

The dark truth of our nature,

That consuming addiction 

could extinct every creature.


If only we knew

That the Earth was not stable,

That buying and selling 

Would only enable

The people to buy,

And the buyers to sell,

The sellers to lie,

So that liars compel

The people we trust 

Who relay information

To only discuss

Behind the backs of our nations.


To ignore the true cause,

To withhold trepidation,

To dissuade the public

Without hesitation

Will only bring forth a much shorter time

To try and reverse

The world’s greatest crime.


If only we knew

The destruction we’d face,

The ghost we’d inhabit,

A mere shell of this place.

A place we once knew

For the lay of the land,

For the rush of the breeze,

And the finest of sand.

For the lull of the sea,

And the rise of the tide,

A place that once blossomed

Will be left far behind

When the valleys of green,

Turn to valleys of greed

A well oiled machine

Advertised as our need.

To consume all we see

Measuring love as things,

To bargain for happiness,

And trade it for rings.


If only we knew 

That all the world’s money

Would never be enough

To replace milk and honey.

If only we knew

That acquiring wealth

Can’t revive Mother Earth,

Or replenish her health.


If only we knew

The footprint we leave,

And the fact that this world

Is not ours in deed.

We share the same roots

As all living things,

One eternal life,

Masked by different breeds.

But one species alone

Is raping the Earth,

Laying claim to her beauty,

And destroying her worth.


If only we knew

This doom was impending,

That in fact there is hope

To rewrite our ending.

To stop global warming,

To detach from our ‘stuff’,

To start telling the truth,

It just might be enough.

The Earth is our temple,

Her body is true,

If only we could save her,

If only we knew.

Which Truth

Which Truth