bury it in our backyard

bury it in our backyard


i want to be shiny + new 

i want to peel this off and be new

i want to turn the old into a neat pile

and it will have crisp edges 

i'll make the new as little and small as i feel sometimes

and it will unfold into something magnificent and sure of itself 

and the new will not feed off of the doubts that the old chokes down 

the new

the new will eat the balanced diet that the old always promised itself

and the new will take solace in its existence 

the new will not be shook up by its body and its mind

and the new will be made of light and of promise 

and the old won’t even know it has been shed

the old will be okay 

because it will get to watch something beautiful happen 

the old will get what it wants 

and i wish that they could co-exist 

but i don’t have the room 

and i just want them to be okay



you're doing it again

you're doing it again