We steadily ascended

I faced the rocks with an open heart

Let the dirt seep into me,

Let it sink into my bones.


Left myself stranded amongst the trees.

Watched the sun set on me each night.

At last, I reached the peak.

I soaked in the beauty of the moment,

Savored the scenery


Savored the moments with you on my lips

With your Atlantic eyes locked into mine.


With your silk hands on my hips

With our beautiful minds intertwined


But the altitude was overbearing,

I forgot how to breathe


So you walked down with the curves of the earth,

Neglected my curves,


And left me there

Gasping for air


Gasping for you


Now, every time a mountain catches my eye, I think of you.

I think of you and I smile


Because maybe there will come a time

Where I can savor the beauty once more


Maybe we can climb again,

No matter how steep.


I know that your soul will eventually come back for mine.



Maybe everyone around me is right.


Maybe my ashes and the dirt within me

That you have created

Will build up so profoundly,

That I will become the very soil

That you will

Walk over once more


To leave your mark on me


Just to find another range to roam,

Just to cross another adventure

off of your twisted bucket list.


A Usual Salvadorian Dinner

A Usual Salvadorian Dinner

bury it in our backyard

bury it in our backyard