I hope you're happy.


I hope when you look back on us,

Your regrets outweigh mine.


I hope you're satisfied with having checked off the box

"fell in love with a girl"


The same way you checked off the boxes

"Made out with a mom"


"Hooked up with a freshman as a senior".


What other boxes have you checked off because of me?

"Slept with an Asian person."

"Went to Pride for the first time."

"Never been broken up with."


It must be fun for you to see me as part of your game

Rather than as someone you used to love.


Well, congratulations.




You've won.




I hope you realize how fake you sounded making excuses like

"I got too drunk."


I hope you've figured out

That I wasn't that stupid.


I hope you know the art I've created with you in it

Was never for you,

It was for me.


I hope you know that me coming home

Was not to escape you,

But to discover me.


I hope you know that you've stolen a part of me.


But that you could never tear me down

Or dissolve me.


I know this because I am still here.




I hope you know I had hope for us.


It might still be there, too.


Like the last drop of honey clinging firmly to the inside of the jar

With stubborn viscosity.


My insides might always linger with the taste of your honey.



thoughts while working in a card store when you're sad as hell

thoughts while working in a card store when you're sad as hell