USP - Day 7

USP - Day 7

This is an old poem, so old that I forgot who it was about. It took me forever, and once I remembered I laughed at myself for ever writing a love poem about them. But it reminded me that everything ebbs and flows and I will love again.

I want to tell you “I love you” in every language you don’t understand

Tell you every time I look you in the eye

Tell you in between the lines of every letter

“Have you heard this song?”

I love you

I want you to know that ever since we met I’ve stopped worrying

that I’m the only one who feels the way I feel

And being with you is that feeling of “oh my god, ME TOO”

But just everywhere, all of the time


I want to tell you “I love you” in a google doc

I want to share a google sheet with you

And it’ll look like a crossword but with just 8 letters


I don’t want to tell you that cheesy  “I love you”

From Nicholas Sparks novels

I want to tell you the I love you that’s like,

“I’ve seen you first thing in the morning with a hangover

And split drunk at 4am”

And both times you were beautiful because when you had the hangover

You just wore boxers and a robe

And looked at me for a second when you thought I was asleep


I want to tell you I love you in a long note that I mail to your house

With confetti (for a joke)

Trying to keep it lighthearted while my heart is too light, scary light

I’ll say things like, “sorry” and “don’t even respond to this.”


I want to use a novel to tell you I love you

Chapters dedicated to moments that I wanted to tell you I love you

Those times I threw up in your bathroom

And you brought me hot water with ginger


I wanted to tell you that I love you when we hugged outside of that comedy show

Drunk off drinks we bought each other

I wanted to tell you I loved you then


I want to tell you I love you like you want to tell bad jokes and dumb fancy metaphors

But I guess I’ll just tell you like this

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