USP - Day 22

USP - Day 22

u: oh yeah, u like that?

salami_mami420: yea bb ur so big

u: i mean, u don’t have to lie

salami_mami420: ok, i just feel like u wouldn’t find it sexi if i were 2 b like ‘yea bb ur like, the perfect size, and even though porn has told you otherwise, u feel so good inside me’

u: actually i’d b so down for that

salami_mami420: shit ok. well yeah um o yea ur 4.5 inch cock is perfect bb

u: i feel like it’s 5 inches

salami_mami420: ok i told you we shouldn’t even go there

u: right ok, nvm

salami_mami420: …

u: okay so im sucking ur tits

salami_mami420: o yeah u kno i like that

u: yea bb i start taking u from behind

salami_mami420: yea i love doggy style

u: and i start fucking u in the ass

salami_mami420: I feel like we haven’t talked about doing that

u: oh, yeah, i just feel like ur cool with it

salami_mami420: no, yeah, I totally am. Can I be honest though? I’m like, a little nervous, because I’ve heard so many shitting stories about anal?

u: ok, um, I put it in ur ass and u don’t shit?

salami_mami420: cool. That’s cool.

u: yea u like that?

salami_mami420: oh yeah

u: yeah u like our mutual trust and effective communication?

salami_mami420: oh yeah bb i fuckin love that

u: oh yeah? U like how you can tell me anything and how we don’t hide shit from each other?

salami_mami420: oh yeah baby u know what gets me so wet?

u: what

salami_mami420: the way we don’t let toxic monogamy culture get to us and refuse to use jealousy as a measure of love

u: oh fuck yeah babe i love how u understand that love and attraction are a spectrum and sexuality is complicated

salami_mami420: I think… I think I just came.

u: cool

salami_mami420: oh. Um and then I suck ur dick?

u: yeah?

salami_mami420: yeah and it’s good

u: cool

salami_mami420: cool. Did u cum?

u: yeah. A while ago.

salami_mami420: cool.

USP - Day 23

USP - Day 23

USP - Day 21

USP - Day 21