USP - Day 34

USP - Day 34

Day 1

  • 1 hearty serving of eggs, with a little cheese if you like it

  • A half a jar of pickles in the afternoon

  • A nice warm breeze

  • Angel hair pasta with oil, lemon, and cayenne pepper


Day 2

  • 2 cans of tuna with mayo on toast

  • 2 compliments on things you haven’t felt proud of in a while

  • A full bag of frozen spinach, steamed with butter and salt

  • Cheese and fancy Trader Joe’s crackers that someone sent you in a care package

  • Deja vu

  • Warm Rain

  • A grilled cheese sandwich, with or without ketchup


Day 3

  • One large pizza. Half cheese, half mushroom and olive

Day 4

  • A handful of cereal

  • A much needed conversation

  • A letter from a friend!
    - Dried apricots

  • Macaroni and cheese before noon

  • 2 beers

  • A microwave lasagna


Day 5

  • An english muffin with peanut butter and jelly

  • At least 10 cups of water, poured from a pitcher in the fridge

  • Almonds

  • Something melancholy - like seeing someone who looks like a lover you once had on a train, and he’s wearing the same watch as your lover did, except no, this one is a little different you suppose… well, you don’t really remember now anyways.

  • A cry in the bath

  • Spaghetti


Day 6

  • Tough love

  • Lox, cream cheese, chives and capers on toast. An open-faced sandwich if you will.

  • Sun and grass

  • Something cute as hell that you’ve been eyeing for a while

  • A McPick 2 (plus french fries)

  • 4 mugs of sleepy time tea


Day 7

  • A large dunkin donuts iced coffee with cream and sugar

  • One or two or three strawberry tarts

  • A call from a loved one

  • An arugula salad with parmesan and lemon juice

  • An old photo

  • An arizona iced tea from the nearest 7-11. Walk there in sandals and a robe.

  • A pint of Ben and Jerry’s, maybe a flavor that some talk show host created

  • A cold shower

  • 9 hours of deep sleep

  • And sweet dreams

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