USP - Day 45

USP - Day 45

You would not believe the things I eat raw

slices of salted butter

a finger-scoop of mayonaise

This is not really a poem about being fat but

a poem about being big


large and in charge

And sometimes it has nothing to do with being fat


But for me they're intrinsically linked

My big boned big brained big mouth self has never been able to escape her bigness

it's impossible

I love it

I fear it 

Tonight I hung out with a boy who I think is super cute and fun and nice and good

All I could think about was his waif of an ex-girlfriend

I am not small and a photographer and black turtlenecks and quiet brunetteness

I am big and red and orange and green and pink and purple and I have something to say

And I'm sorry for that

and I'm not sorry for it at all


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