USP - Day 50

USP - Day 50

Are you ever having a cry in the shower

and your eyes are squeezed shut because of the water but also because you can't even look at the world that hurt you

are you ever there and thinking

about how much water you're wasting

because you wanted to feel caressed 

and held


while you cried

Also, have you ever not known where your heart went and whose car it borrowed 

To drive off in the night

Because it was sick of being used 

It was sick of it, sick and hurting and sad so it left and now you can't see it and you can't hear it and you can't understand what it's doing and why it's doing it and you think

Remember when we used to talk?

Remember when I used to write about you in my journal? When I knew how to feed you and fuel you?

Even before you were loved by anyone but me

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USP - Day 51

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USP - Day 49